PRN looks at the building of one of Canada’s premier dealerships – GP Bikes

In the beginning…

IMG_3325_optThere was just a kid who had a passion for rare and unique bikes. When Jerry Ordanis purchased his first bike, a super rare Honda NS 400R, he knew that motorcycles were something that would be a part of his life forever. As an enthusiast of his beloved ‘GP street legal race replica bikes’, Ordanis would strive to learn everything about them, including their desirability and collectability in the US market. It would be this discovery that lead to the very humble beginnings of what is now known as ‘GP Bikes’, buyers and sellers of rare and unique motorcycles.

Starting a part-time business out of a small warehouse (where Ordanis would also live in those early years!) would be no easy task for the young man barely into his twenties. Working with very limited financial resources, Ordanis would become quite savvy when it came to buying quality used bikes. This reputation for quality which quickly followed, led to the opening of a retail store and started the next chapter in the GP Bikes saga.

A store is born…

In the year 2000 GP Bikes was officially opened for business with one other employee (Jeff Bolt) and five lonely bikes in an empty 1000 square foot showroom. Although the grand opening was somewhat less than grand, Ordanis knew it would all work out in the end since he had someone special looking out for him.

You see, at the age of 23 Ordanis became a born again Christian and made Jesus Christ Lord of his life. This faith in Jesus would give him theIMG_5175_opt assurance he needed to make these huge steps in not only his career, but his entire life. It would also be his strong faith that made him determined to run a God-centered business that would not compromise on ethics, fairness, and integrity. This business practice would lend to the reputation of GP Bikes as a fair and honest shop, catapulting its success.

Supernatural Success

In eight short years GP Bikes has grown into an industry leader and a ‘go to’ shop for motorcycle enthusiasts around the GTA and Durham areas in Ontario. Each year the store has grown through several different expansions including the addition of a Service Department, becoming a Ducati dealer (where they are currently Canada’s #1 volume dealer), then a Triumph dealer, finishing their new 10,000sq ft retail showroom last fall, and most recently becoming a Vespa dealer. There has been further growth with the development of a website with daily updated bike inventory and an online store for apparel and accessories. That coupled with the yearly catalogue they put out, both organized by Administrator Charissa Buschert, has made GP Bikes “Your Total Riding Source”.


“All this couldn’t have happened through a strong business sense or hard work alone, but by divine intervention.” said Ordanis. He continued “We’ve experienced supernatural growth at a rate of 50% each year, but I truly believe that we have not only been blessed with growth, but also an exceptional team of highly experienced and motivated individuals.”

A Blessing to the Bike rider

Starting with their Store Manager Tom Whitson with over 20 years in the industry, and Bob Graham formerly of McBride’s Cycle (Assistant Manager), the staff at GP Bikes has the knowledge and experience to handle any and all of their customers needs. Other familiar faces include Jeff Bolt (very first employee) who is a Ducati parts and performance specialist, and Jamie Clephan an experienced and knowledgeable recent addition.


The GP Bikes sales team consists of Jeremy Buschert, Carl Goveia and Scott Jewell, along with Ordanis. In the Service Department, Ken Livingstone, the senior technician, heads up a team of four experienced mechanics, while Jeff Banks, the service manager, professionally and knowledgeably answers any questions or concerns customers might have. Factory trained technicians for both Ducati and Triumph ensure the best service and are also very experienced in Japanese, American and other European brands. This team is a welcome to enthusiasts searching for a dedicated motorcycle shop. Having GP Bikes as a totally exclusive bike shop is a blessing to the motorcycle rider.

Special Thanks

Jerry wanted to give a special thanks to his late father Jerry Ordanis Sr. for being an incredible support and for believing in him throughout those early years. As well, he thanks Scott Stevens from Ontario Cycle for the many years of advice and assistance in setting up his 2 race replica bikes for his collection. Jerry now enjoys working alongside his wife Lorraine and coming home to their daughter Isabella.