Mobil1_2Whether you drag, drift or turn laps at the track, the demands placed on your engine and the oil inside it are more than most off-the-shelf lubricants out there can handle. Lubricants giant Mobil 1 felt there was a need to offer enthusiasts a product designed to handle the demands of high-performance driving. This is very important considering many of us invest thousands of dollars and countless hours of work into our engines.

After 30 years of collaboration with some of the top level teams, Mobil 1 has a superior knowledge of how to maintain maximum lubrication under harsh conditions and high rpm. Mobil 1 has worked with teams in elite forms of motorsport: Formula 1, NASCAR, Le Mans, IRL, NHRA, Formula 3, SCCA GT, and ALMS.  Each motorsport discipline and each team has specific requirements that need to be met for every component they use but the most important piece of the puzzle has always been at the heart of their engine – their oil.

Mobil 1 has been bringing race-proven technology to its street oils for years in the form of Mobil 1 0W-40 and 15W-50. These oils have been used by professional race teams for years and it was surprising for us to find that the same oils these teams used are the same ones we pick up at the local auto parts store! However, with the advent of tighter tolerances in racing and severe emissions restrictions on the street, the timing was right for Mobil 1 to release a new line of zero weight oils geared specifically for the competition-minded racing enthusiast- enter Mobil 1 Racing Oil. Currently offered in 0W-30 and OW-50, this new line of Mobil1oils is not recommended for street use due to the high levels of anti-wear (Zinc/Phosphorus) engineered into the formulation. This added zinc helps further protect engine components but can lead to catalytic converter damage in street-driven vehicles. Now many racers have been relying on the 0W-40 and 15W-50 weight of Mobil 1 in their race cars for years, but how do the new zero weight oils differ from regular consumer-grade motor oils?

Starting off, the 15W-50 weight is a higher viscosity oil that maintains a thick film of protection of critical engine parts in high performance engines. While Mobil 1 15W-50 is recommended for both street and track use, the new blend of zero weight Racing oils are only recommended for use in race cars during track use. The Mobil 1 Racing oils are lower viscosity oils with the intent of increasing power output versus higher viscosity oils. Mobil 1 Racing oils are also formulated with anti-wear (Zinc/Phosphorus) chemistries with twice the level of automotive street oils to protect race engines beyond what the common street oils can deliver.

Track tested to extremes, these new oils provide increased levels of anti-wear protection and phenomenal high-temperature protection in high rpm engines, offering protection at temperatures up to 204°C (400°F)! Remember, Mobil 1 Racing oils are not recommended for street use, however when it is time for a track day, a drifting competition or grassroots racing, the new Mobil 1 Racing oils have your engine covered top to bottom with the protection and performance you need on race day.


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