Racing School Guide: Sheridan Motorcycle Training

Location: Sheridan College Campuses (Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, ON)
Price Range: $429-$479

Sheridan’s College certified, professional instructors are dedicated to teaching new and experienced riders. Sheridan offers novice and beginner riders the basic Motorcycle Training course M1 Exit which includes the M2 Test. As well, for the more experienced riders it offers the M2 Exit course which includes the M test. If you are a new rider applying for your first license to ride a motorcycle, you will enter Ontario’s graduated licensing system.

M1 Exit: Burlington, Oakville, Brampton locations

For the M1 Exit course, students learn to operate today’s motorcycle safely and enjoyably and benefit from 20 hours of instruction and riding. They also gain an overview of safe riding gear, defensive motorcycle riding techniques and special open road information, and receive a Canada Safety Council Student kit. Once these steps have been completed, students are eligible to take the test for the M2 license. Students will also qualify for potential insurance discounts. The riding portion of the course will be done on motorcycles provided by local dealers.

Students who pass their skill test receive a graduation card. Students with a Class M1 will receive documentation to allow MTO to endorse their permit as a Class M2 after the 60-day minimum time they stay in Class M1.

M2 Exit: Oakville location

Upgrade to a full M license through this course designed for the more skilled rider. Riders must have held an M2 license for a minimum of 22 months (or 18 months if successfully completed a recognized motorcycle training program). Begin with an in-depth classroom theory session (Thursdays 6:30– 9:30 p.m.) followed by a full day (Saturdays 8 am– 5 pm) of real life traffic skills. Saturday’s on-road practice is conducted by instructors riding their own motorcycles. Sunday involves individual testing for approximately one hour.