Racing School Guide: ILR Car Control School Inc.

Location: Mosport Driver Development Centre, Bowmanville, ON or Shannonville Motorsports Park, Shannonville, ON
Price Range: $395 (full day)

The ILR Car Control School is a full day school that includes comprehensive classroom instruction on performance driving skills. The students are provided with handbooks, pens, certificate upon completion and lunch is catered and supplied by school. Students are given detailed instruction on topics such as seating position and using the controls for performance driving, racing line, weight transfer, heel and toe downshifting, preparing the driver and the car for competition, “racing smarts” and much more. These classroom sessions are interspersed with track time with an instructor so that each new skill can be practised on track with an instructor giving instant feedback, guidance and encouragement. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Upon completion of our Track School, our graduating students are invited to join our Lapping Days with the assurance they are sharing the track with similarly trained drivers who know what they are doing. Safety and quality are our top concerns. We have been training auto enthusiasts for over 20 years with many going on to be champions in the sport. The chief instructor is Ian Law, a multi-time Solo and race champion and Toronto Star Wheels journalist.