Racing School Guide: Allen Berg Racing Schools

Location: Auto Club Speedway, Fontana, California (formula car); Varsity Chrysler Speed Park, Calgary, Alberta (karting)
Price Range: $1,785- $4,620 (US) (three-day program); Karting – $425-$500 (one-day advanced program)

The Allen Berg Racing Schools (ABRS) use state-of-the-art race cars to provide exceptional programs at classic motorsports venues from Western Canada to California. Whether you are seeking an unforgettable experience for your next corporate event, starting a racing career, or looking for a new adventure, our professional instructors and proven curriculum will provide the fundamentals that will allow you to drive our race cars to the limit. No matter the reason for the need, Allen Berg Racing Schools is the place where racing dreams are made and expectations are met.

Formula Car

The ABRS provides every customer with a truly authentic racing experience. Our formula style race cars are the same as machines used in international competition, unique in the racing school industry.

We are also the only racing school to employ Formula One style MoTeC data acquisition technology on all of our racecars, the same data systems used by teams in the IZOD IndyCar Series, the American Le Mans Series and at the legendary Indianapolis 500.

During every One, Two or Three-Day formula car programs, we record each driver’s information and use it to monitor and critique that driver’s performance, providing a direct and enlightening comparison to experienced pro racers under the same conditions.

And, to ensure that their experience at ABRS is truly unforgettable, every student’s driving results are uploaded directly to the ABRS website. At the end of their course each student’s in-car video and lapping data along with a copy of the MoTeC software is made directly available on the ABRS site for future study and to share with friends and family.


The ABRS is the only race karting programs available in Western Canada. Whatever your experience, we have a Karting Program that will surpass your expectations. The versatility and performance of our equipment allows us to provide basic instruction for the driver starting at age 14 with a positive introduction into the first level of and motorsport, first class corporate events, training drivers who compete at the World Championship level, including all types of drivers in between. Whatever your desire and expectation, we have a quality karting program that works for you.