Bridgestone Racing Academy
Bridgestone Racing Academy

Location: Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’s Driver Development Centre, Bowmanville, Ontario
Price Range: $295 - $28,990

The Bridgestone Racing Academy is celebrating a 28 year injury-free safety record for all of our programs, including our first-timer Thrill of a Lifetime courses, Corporate events, Fun Race Days and our Mechanic Racing / Training Program. We are particularly proud of our in-house designed, Driver Development Track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, which allows industry leading safety and flexibility. We encourage detailed comparisons before you enter our program. We are confident you will be impressed at our course curriculum, progression, damage responsibility and racecar age!  Most of our programs utilize a modern fleet of the renowned 2008 Van Diemen Formula E racecar, complete with 170 hp, a five-speed Elite sequential gearbox and PI steering wheel with digital display and shift lights.

Bridgestone Racing Academy Bridgestone Racing Academy