Performance Oil Buyers Guide

Dominator Racing Oils

AMSOIL Dominator® Synthetic 5W-20, 10W-30 and 15W-50 Racing Oils provide superior performance and maximum protection in extreme environments. All three Dominator Racing Oils feature the same additive package, providing maximum durability in multiple viscosities. Their shear-stable formulation is engineered to provide maximum horsepower without sacrificing engine protection. Dominator Racing Oils provide straight-grade protection in a multi-grade formulation. Their proprietary friction modifier provides reduced friction for maximum power and cooler engine temperatures, resulting in improved lap times and longer-lasting equipment.

Performance Oil Buyers Guide

Edge with Syntec Power Technology

Castrol Edge with Syntec Power Technology is Canada’s #1 premium synthetic motor oil and the result of over 100 years of cutting-edge, record-breaking technology.

It’s the premium synthetic oil that unlocks superior performance and power.

  • 42% better rating on fighting power-robbing deposits.*
  • Superior engine protection against corrosive particles versus conventional and synthetic blend oils.**
  • Superior performance on deposit, wear and oxidation, meeting the toughest industry requirements

* compared with industry IIIG WPD (high temperature deposit) requirements
** based on ACEA A&B; except 5W-50.

Performance Oil Buyers Guide

Edge with Titanium Fluid Technology

Castrol Edge with Titanium Fluid Technology is Castrol’s most advanced synthetic motor oil for performance in extremes, so you can be sure your engine is protected.

It is the ultra-advanced premium synthetic oil that unlocks superior performance and protection.

  • Edge with Titanium Fluid Strength Technology maintains horsepower 25% longer than Edge with Syntec Power Technology.
  • Ultimate power protection against power-robbing oil deterioration during rapid acceleration.
  • Stands up to extreme heat and extreme cold.
  • Superior performance and protection during extreme towing and hauling.
  • Lowest volatility for maximum performance during the entire drain intervals.

Performance Oil Buyers Guide


Eneos SUSTINA keeps engine components cleaner and running longer. SUSTINA is a fully-synthetic premium motor oil created by Nippon Oil utilizing its proprietary W BASE base oil and ZP additive technology. SUSTINA provides up to a 2% improvement in fuel efficiency when compared to currently available fuel conserving API-licensed GF-4 oil of the same viscosity. SUSTINA engine oil and transmission fluid is created with both performance and ecofriendliness in mind.

Performance Oil Buyers Guide

Joe Gibbs Driven
XP10 Synthetic Racing Motor Oil

Driven XP10 Synthetic Racing Motor Oil delivers maximum protection available for big displacement racing engines. It features an advanced zinc/phosphorus-based anti-wear package to protect aggressive cam profiles. Select synthetic base oils deliver increased horsepower and improved ring seal in drag racing and restrictor plate engines. XP10 is ideal for wet-sump drag race engines, restrictor plate engines, junior dragsters and 800+ cubic inch drag racing engines.