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I love racing but these days I hadn’t considered myself a motorsport fan. After a decade of working in the industry, motorsport has become a thing that I do. I know I’m lucky and, for the most part, I wake up in the morning thinking how amazing it is that I get to work in a business

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Technology blows my mind on a daily basis. Every morning I read about new discoveries and technologies that amaze and inspire me. One technology I didn’t think would make it into my generation with any refinement was virtual reality headsets. But I just started using one with my favourite racing


As the sun set on the 2014 Formula One season, the new regime at Ferrari set about cleaning house. In the process, a number of accomplished individuals walked or were given their papers and a host of others were welcomed to Maranello. One of those who departed for pastures greener was lead driver

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Car enthusiasts planning to take their vehicle to a closed track for a lapping day or high performance driving course often feel conflicted when it comes to auto insurance, as most car insurance policies in Canada won’t cover drivers participating in timed or any form of track event. So even if


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