Cause for Concern?

AIM Autosport has yet to find its championship-winning form in 2013

If one were to look at AIM Autosport’s results in the 2013 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, it’s hard to know if one should feel encouraged or discouraged by what has transpired, and what it might mean for the remainder of the

Hey Chump, Wanna Race?

The Chump Car World Series Gives New Meaning to Racing on a Budget 

Until recently if you wanted to compete in endurance racing you had to have the financial resources to purchase a race-modified road car like a Porsche or Corvette (or pay to have one built), and even if you manage to do that

Minus Three, Plus One

VW enters WRC as the sport takes an uncertain turn

Monte Carlo, Monaco – Motorsport can be a funny business, mainly because it’s such a very costly business. Car manufacturers understand there is some benefit to racing their product, but sometimes the benefits can get lost in the shuffle –

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