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Always wanted to go car racing, but didn’t know what or where to race? This year, the Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA) has made it even easier to “race what you’ve got.”

For two of our classes, we have adopted National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Performance Touring (PT) and Super Touring (ST) rules. The PT class is for cars with greater than 10.5 pounds per horsepower, and ST for cars that have less than 10.5 pounds per horsepower. This means you don’t need a highly-modified car to race in a competitive class. You add a roll cage and safety equipment to whatever car you want to race, plug your car and modifications into the PT class calculator spreadsheet, and you will be placed in a competitive class for the level of modification of your car.

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The WCMA will be holding two race licensing schools this spring: April 30-May 1 at Castrol Raceway in Leduc, Alberta, and May 7-8 at Gimli in Manitoba. Each school provides two days of instructor-driven track instruction for a fraction of the cost of taking a professional racing school. And the FIA licensing obtained at these schools will allow you to race anywhere in the world through our FIA affiliation.

The WCMA has many other classes to race in as well, including Open Wheel Formulas, Challenge Car for early RX7s, and Spec Miata for 1989-2005 cars. The Spec Miata field reached 17 cars last year at Castrol, which was the largest field for a club level race in North America.

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Four race dates are scheduled at Castrol Raceway Leduc and five race dates are confirmed at Gimli Manitoba in 2016. As well, tow funds are available for selected racers traveling to away races in B.C. and the Prairies.

Not ready to hit the track this year? The WCMA’s 17 affiliated clubs have autoslalom events where you can race your street car against the clock on some exciting venues, such as the Fort Macleod Airport runway and portions of Castrol Raceway. Participation in these events can start you off on a graduated progression to get your race licence and hit the big tracks!

So, if you’ve been thinking about racing in Alberta and/or Manitoba and didn’t know where to start, think about the WCMA! Visit our website for details on events and registration for the upcoming summer racing season.

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