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Truro, Nova Scotia – Here we are again, two months into 2016 and it is looking like a repeat of the winter of 2015, albeit with less snow and crazy temperature shifts so far.

With most of the club and region annual general meetings over, it’s time to start getting down to the business of preparing race cars and karts for the start of competition in May. Hopefully, Santa was good to everyone this year and brought all kinds of go-fast goodies because it’s time to turn up the heat in the garage, forget about the snow outside and get those parts installed and everything tuned up. After all, in less than three months, ARMS members will get their first chance to drive the new improvements at Atlantic Motorsport Park (AMP), the kart track at Scotia Speed World (SSW) or even a parking lot nearer to you for some autoslalom fun. I’m not saying you should stay inside on weekends for the rest of this winter, but it won’t be long now.

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Returning for its 14th year, the Bluenose Autosport Club RallyCross Challenge has been in full swing since November though, with events split between AMP near Shubenacadie, NS and SSW near the Halifax International Airport. Turn-outs have been great this season with a high of 46 competitors so far. No frost in the ground has made for some very interesting, very mucky courses, and there is still some fun to be had. For more info and upcoming dates visit www.BluenoseAutosport.ca.

The Moncton Motor Sport Club and Fredericton Motorsports Club are each planning to hold two AutoCross events at some point over the winter. These events will most likely be at Magic Mountain in Moncton, NB and Speedway 660 in Geary, NB, and are very much weather dependent. For further info on these events be sure to visit www.MMSC.ca and www.FrederictonMotorsportsClub.ca.

AutoCross and RallyCross are great ways to learn better car control in less-than-ideal conditions and, for those willing to venture out into the crazy winter weather, it’s a great way to get the thrill in a low cost, controlled and fun atmosphere. Conditions range from sunny and cold to rain and snow on surfaces ranging from bare ground to snow covered and shear ice.

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ARMS calendar of 2016 events at www.ARMSinc.ca including all Regional Championships in Race, Rally, AutoSlalom and Time Attack.

• Race has a five-event Regional Race Championship, known as the TRAC Championships with info available at www.TRACracing.ca and the Jack Canfield Memorial 3-Hour Enduro Race.

• Navigational Rally Championships for both Novice and Experienced drivers and navigators.

• Time Attack has a three-day Championship event planned for early October.

• AutoSlalom has an eight-event series at various locations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

The various ARMS member clubs all have their own championships as well. More detailed event info is available on the ARMS forum and club web sites. It’s looking like 2016 will be a great year for motorsports in Atlantic Canada! We’ll see you at the track!