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Virtually everyone reading this learned about Nismo through their connection to the Gran Turismo PlayStation video game series. I know I did, and in the early editions of the game, a tuned Skyline GT-R (then forbidden fruit to us here in North America) was the key to winning.

If it’s not

Heading Out on the Rally

It’s been a fruitful several months since late summer last year when all the rumours were confirmed, that there was a serious effort underway to develop a new motorsport facility in the South Okanagan region of British Columbia, and operate it as a membership-based ‘motorsport country club’ just

To Drive or Not to Drive

In the mid 1980s, well before the Internet, television viewers were introduced to a character named Michael Knight, portrayed by David Hasselhoff, in a show called Knight Rider. The real star of the show, however, wasn’t the Hoff, it was a Pontiac Firebird named KITT, which thought and drove by

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