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Day Nine: Wednesday, August 14th
Wakefield to Bon Echo (232 km)

Waking up and leaving early is always easier said than done, especially when you're on the road with your two young daughters. So much for tossing the tent, dirty dishes and all the other gear in the back of our blue companion

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Day Eight: Tuesday, August 13th
Mont-Tremblant to Gatineau (203 km)

It's great to make some fresh coffee in full nature on this our first morning in a real Canadian Provincial Park. Maybe camping is a little more expensive, compared to Europe, but and all the necessary facilities work and are

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Day Seven: Monday, August 12th
Montreal to Mont-Tremblant (145 km)

It's Monday morning and time to continue along our way. On Friday we have to have Flexie back at BHG in Mississauga. If we really want to see the Atlantic, we won't make it back on time so we decide to go a little north and make a

Leno McLaren P1

In keeping with the theme of tech-super cars (have a look out our recent 918 post to see what I’m on about), we bring you this tasty little nugget from the Jay Leno’s garage YouTube channel:

Unlike the horsepower count (903 combined) or monetary value of the car (over a million dineros, but if

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Day Six: Sunday, August 11th
Montreal (0 km)

It's our last day in Montreal. Yesterday we wanted to discover parc du Mont Royal, but we didn't make it. Today is our second and final chance. After breakfast in a trendy, small coffee shop 'Le Vieux Velo' we go for it.

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Nice weather makes for an

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