Marcelli Porsche

Race Driver Kyle Marcelli takes us through 50 years of celebrating the iconic Porsche 911. Kyle talks about his introduction to the famed brand through the Pfaff Automotive Group and his experience behind the wheel, competing in one of the worlds most competitive championships - the Porsche


A Shake-N-Bake tribute from Canadian white boy race driver Kyle Marcelli. If you ain't first you're last! Thanks Ricky Bobby for your inspiration.


Drivers Aids Love or Hate

Recently I have been having some discussions with others about driver aids – specifically traction control and anti-lock brakes (ABS).
The consensus seems to be that driver aids take away from the driver’s raw interaction with the car, and they make the car softer and simpler car to drive. I

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Michelin Winter Driving Academy focuses on adapting and sharpening winter driving skills

I have a confession to make. For most of the years I’ve owned a license (25 and counting) and owned a car (23-plus), I have not driven on winter tires. Yes, I am well-acquainted with the various benefits of

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